Shop & Restaurant


A restaurant featuring Kanto-daki oden of the flavor passed down from the long-standing oden restaurant “Otako” and homemade dishes using seasonal ingredients.

Reservations can be made for one person and more. We also have half-private rooms for up to 12 people.

Besides our specialty “Jun kanto-daki oden,” our extensive menu offers dojo (weatherfish), sashimi, yaki-mono (grills), age-mono (deep-frid food), su-no-mono (vinegared dishes), seasonal dishes as well as set meals.

Address Ginryo Building B1F
4-10-6 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo
Hours Monday-Friday 17:00-25:00 L.O. 24:00
Saturdays and public holidays 17:00-23:00 L.O. 22:00
Holiday Closed on Sunday
Closed during December 31- January 4
Tel 03-3541-6261