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Tsukiji tamasushi ginza rokuchometen

Tsukiji tamasushi ginza rokuchometen

We are on 6F of a building on Chuo-dori diagonally across from Matsuzakaya, just a 2 minute-walk from Ginza Station.

We have 18 counter seats and two tables for four people. In a comfortable atmosphere created with soft-toned wood and subdued indirect lighting, our well-seasoned chefs, who are the connoisseurs of neta (sushi topping), welcome you and satisfy your needs.

In spite of fresh ingredients procured daily at the Tsukiji Fish Market, our irresistible prices start from 105 per one nigiri a small clump of rice with a piece of fish on top.

Address Kosaka Building 6F
6-9-5 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo
Hours Monday-Saturday 11:30-23:00 L.O. 22:30
Sundays and public holidays 11:30-22:00 L.O. 21:30
Monday-Friday 11:30~15:30 Lunch time
Holiday Open seven days a week
Closed on January 1
Tel 03-3574-9635