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Ginza Galleries will hold GARONOYAKAI 2015 on Friday, May 22. Ginza Galleries’ GARONOYAKAI event that began in 2004 is an annual event held in galleries from 4-Chome to 8-Chome in Ginza. Participating galleries will be open on this day until 9:00 p.m. and will offer refreshments and other services to let those who usually feel intimidated by art galleries enjoy carefree interaction with gallerists and artists.


GARONOYAKAI will feature spectacular exhibits in each gallery.
Four of the 26 participating galleries will only be open for night exhibits on one night. All are welcome to enjoy the gallery experience and be inspired by fantastic art. Participating galleries are marked by lanterns made by Gifu washi paper artisans. We await your visit.


Time & Date: 5-9 p.m., Friday, May 22, 2015
Participating galleries: 26 Galleries from Ginza 4-Chome to 8-Chome
Free admission

Official GARONOYAKAI Website

26 Participating Galleries

Nagai Garou
Ginza Yanagi Gallery / Galerie Nichido / Galleria Col / Sagamiya Fine Arts and Antiques / Gallery Seizan
Gallery Hyougen / Manyoudo Miyuki / Shukado / Ginza Jansem Gallery / Gallery Murakoshi / Shunsei Gallery / Ginza Bijutu / Shihoudou Gallery Ginza
Gallery Eizendo / Gallery Hirota Fine Art / Taimei Gallery / Kobayashi Gallery / Galerie Tamenaga / Yamashita Gallery / Gallery Hayashi / Hanada Art Gallery Ginza / Ginza Kuroda Touen Gallery / nada art gallery
Gallery Shingendo / Tokyo Gallery+BTAP

Shiseido Gallery: Tsubaki-kai 2015

Tokyo Gallery+BTAP: from Yuichi Hibi “Salt of the Earth” Photo Exhibition

Syukado: Tadaoto Kainosho “Evening Makeup”

Ginza Yanagi Gallery: Hiroshi Okano

Sagamiya Fine Arts and Antiques: Akiko Yamaguchi “Bear Constellation at Night”

Gallery Seizan

Gallery Tours

If you do not know where the galleries are or do not want to visit them alone, we are also running themed gallery tours

●Time & date of tours: Friday, May 22; From 5 p.m. or 7 p.m. (same content for both tours)
●Length of tour: About 60-80 mins
●Attendance fee: none required
●Capacity: 8 people per course * Advance reservation required, first come, first served
 Course A: Master solo exhibits of contemporary Western-style artists
 Course B: Art shower with group exhibits
 Course C: Thought-provoking works by contemporary artists
 Course D: Master five genres with five galleries
 Course E: Enjoy unique themes
 Course F: Admire the beauty of flowers, beautiful women, and folk art

●To apply: You can reserve a spot in a tour from the official GARONOYAKAI Website.

Organizer: Ginza Galleries
Co-sponsor: Ginza Association Event Committee

General inquiries
Ginza Galleries GARONOYAKAI Office

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