Bicycle Rules

Bicycle rules in Ginza

  1. Bicycles must generally be ridden on on the road.
    According to Article 17 of the Road Traffic Law, “As a general rule, on roads with separate sidewalks from the road, bicycles must be ridden on the road.”
    In Ginza, bicycles are prohibited from riding on the Ginza-dori (Chuo-dori) sidewalks or vehicle-free promenade (when open).
  2. However, bicycles can be ridden on sidewalks in the following cases:
    (1) There is a sign on the sidewalk that says bicycles may be ridden on that sidewalk.
    1. Showa-dori and other streets with designated bicycle lanes
    2. Harumi-dori, Nishi-Ginza-dori, and other streets with signs saying “priority to pedestrians” (bicycles may be ridden on those streets with the condition that they give pedestrians the right of way)
    (2) Bicycles being ridden by those under 13, 70 or over, or who are physically impaired.
    (3) Bicycles cannot be ridden on the left side of the road because of construction work, separately parked vehicles, or other obstacles.

In any of the above cases, priority is always given to pedestrians. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring all people of any age or gender may safely enjoy visiting Ginza.