Ginza Galleries 【Xmas Art Festa 2016】

Ginza Galleries
【Xmas Art Festa 2016】

The Xmas Art Festa is an art event that has been held by Ginza galleries since 2009. Although Japan does not have a major custom of hanging up art in rooms, it is fun picking out the art you like, similar to choosing clothes or handbags. This event is intended to propose a lifestyle with art that enriches your daily life and inspires new discoveries.

Event Information

When: Friday, December 9 to Saturday, December 17,2016
Time: Varies with opening hours of each gallery
Participating galleries: 23 galleries around Ginza (Ginza and Kyobashi areas)

Monji Fine Art Gallery, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP,
Gallery Eizendo, Gallery Hirota Fine Art, Taimei Gallery,
Kobayashi Gallery, Galerie Tamenaga,
Ginza Kurodatouen, Shukado,
Ginza Jansem Gallery, Hiro Gallery, Gallery Murakoshi, Shihodo Gallery Ginza,
GinzaYanagi Gallery, Galerie Nichido, Gallery Seizan,
Gallery Art Morimoto, Gallery Gunji,
Shibata Etsuko Gallery, Gallery Goto, Houmando, Gallery Nii Tokyo, Gallery Kyobashi

Shukado: Tadaoto Kainosho (Dance)

Tadaoto Kainosho (Dance)

Shihodo Gallery Ginza: Hiroshi Yoshida (Landscape)

Shihodo Gallery Ginza
Hiroshi Yoshida (Landscape)

Ginza Yanagi Gallery: Michiko Hoshino (Playing Piano —Dance Music—)

Ginza Yanagi Gallery
Michiko Hoshino (Playing Piano —Dance Music—)

Ginza Kurodatouen: Toyo Oribe sake bottle and Bizen sake cup

Ginza Kurodatouen
Toyo Oribe sake bottle and Bizen sake cup


GARONOYAKAI is coming on December 9! Tours will be held.
Special party on December 10.
Gallerist-led tours and customized tours to visit different galleries will be held.
Participating galleries will display a special sign (poster or flag).

Inquiries: Ginza Galleries Office / Saito info@ginza-galleries.com
For more details: http://www.ginza-galleries.com/xmasartfes.html

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