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The Citizen’s College Tokyo

The Citizen’s College Tokyo

The College has continued providing a place of learning to citizens since its establishment in 1968 based on a motto of “building the future starts with human development,” and masters in various fields have carried on this message.
Rather than simply providing knowledge and expertise, we apply a concept of human education and lifelong learning that encompasses seeking the true nature of things and the human mind that are the foundation for knowledge and expertise.

Address Pulp and Paper Hall Ginza Phoenix Plaza, 3-9-11 Ginza, Chuo City
Hours Wed. 6 to 9 p.m. Every 2nd or 3rd Wed.
Holiday Generally closed in Feb. and Aug.
Tel 03-6264-7797



5月17日(水) 村上 信夫氏講演会開催

「おはよう日本」「ニュース7」など、NHKの顔として35年間、アナウンサーして「ことば」と向き合ってきた村上氏。 人と人を繋ぎ、相手の心に伝わることばとは?日常生活や職場で、相手の心に伝わり、互...



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