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“Summer Art Selection” Mon., July 3, 2017- Fri., July 14, 2017.


Before midsummer is coming, there will be a cool breeze blowing off  the Gallery SEIZAN. From some fine art pieces to rare, what will jump into your eyes ? A valuable painting that is not usually exhibited will be seen. 【Exhibition date】 Mon., July 3, 2017 – Fri., July 14, 2017.  Closed on Sunday. 11:00 – 19:00  ※The Gallery will be closed at 17:00 just only Saturday and last day. サマーアートセレクション イメージ画像
Yuki OGURA "sister" lithograph, 45.3×54.0 cm

Yuki OGURA “sister” lithograph, 45.3×54.0 cm

銀座千疋屋GINZA TANAKAマロニエゲート銀座 2&3
Hatsuko Endo(株)天賞堂西銀座駐車場
みずほ銀行 銀座通支店三井住友銀行 銀座支店銀座 らん月
ギンザのサヱグサTOKYO ART & LIVE CITY三笠会館本店

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