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“Jun KAMEI figure doll exhibition” Tue., July 18, 2017- Fri., July 28, 2017


Jun Kamei makes dolls that fascinate us. These dolls like a character in some fairy tale, but are not like that. Please enjoy the world of Kamei’s doll that cxcite everyone’s imagination. 【Exhibition date】 Tue., July 18, 2017 – Fri., July 28, 2017.  Closed on Sunday. 11:00 – 19:00  ※The Gallery will be closed at 17:00 just only Saturday and last day. 亀井潤 作品展イメージ画像「丁々発止」(20㎝×20㎝×h40㎝、樹脂粘土)
TOKYO ART & LIVE CITYみずほ銀行 銀座通支店マロニエゲート銀座 2&3
三井住友銀行 銀座支店GINZA TANAKA銀座千疋屋
西銀座駐車場Hatsuko Endo銀座 らん月

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