G Free

G Free 2012.09.30 START

G Free
(Ginza District Free Public Wireless LAN)

G-Free is a WiFi service available for anyone to use free of charge that was launched on Sunday, September 30, 2012.

G Free Start Date and Coverage Area

Start date Sunday, September 30
Coverage area Ginza-dori Ave.,Harumi-dori Ave.
Matsuya rooftop, Mitsukoshi rooftop, Ginza Kabukiza Theater B2F Kobikicho Square
Namiki-dori St. (5 to 8 Chome),TOKYU PLAZA GINZA,
GINZA PLACE(B1 in front of GINZA Lion Brassereie、1F public space、3F public space)
SSID @GinzaFree (for all access points)

Ginza Street Association Office TEL:03-3561-0919

How to access (from a smartphone)

How to access (from a smartphone)

– No ID or password setup required.
– Wi-Fi services from cellphone companies may also be used in addition to the free Wi-Fi.


Ginza Street Association

OOH Media Solution, Inc.
WirelessGate, Inc.

Expansion to the Ginza Nishi Namiki-dori area 2015.11.01 SUN

Operated by Association of Ginza West Namiki-dori District
Start date Sunday, November 1, 2015
New locations 9 spots along Ginza Nishi Namiki-dori (see the map below)
Map of G Free access points
Phone booth access point

Phone booth access point

Street light access point

Street light access point

Expansion to the Harumi-dori area 2013.11.30 SAT

START DATE Saturday, November 30, 2013
NEW COVERAGE AREA 9 access points along Harumi-dori (see the map below for exact locations)
Map of G Free access points

2012.09.30 SUN START

“Free Wi-Fi in Ginza would be very convenient”
The district meeting for the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank that will soon be held in Tokyo ended with talk of starting a G Free (Ginza District Free Public Wireless LAN) program.
With free Wi-Fi, foreign tourists who are charged high communications fees can easily send and receive information.
Based on the idea that a free Wi-Fi system in Ginza should be accessible to “anyone, anywhere, free of cost,” it was decided that the service would start with the area along Ginza-dori from Ginza 1-Chome to 8-Chome as a free Wi-Fi area.
On Ginza-dori, which is closed to traffic to become a pedestrian paradise on weekends and holidays, anyone can link to the world and send and receive information for free, without a password.
G Free is the longest free Wi-Fi zone setup along one street in Japan.
Throughout history, Ginza has been an area that is always actively pursuing new endeavors. With G Free, it has added even more brilliance, and has taken a step forward to becoming a truly international area that will also please tourists visiting from overseas.

Commemoration ceremony at the Ginza Matsuya for the start of services on September 30.

Commemoration ceremony at the Ginza Matsuya for the start of services on September 30.

銀座千疋屋(株)天賞堂Hatsuko Endo
西銀座駐車場銀座 らん月マロニエゲート銀座 2&3
みずほ銀行 銀座通支店ギンザのサヱグサ三井住友銀行 銀座支店

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