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Ginza Illumination 2022

Ginza Illumination 2022

Christmas, the most festive time of the year, will be here soon. This year as well, Ginza will be offering special illumination displays that will further brighten the spirit of winter, starting in mid-November.
In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation or downsizing of various events, but this year, “Holiday Promenade Yukata de Ginbura” returns after a three-year absence, and “Autumn Ginza” will be held at full scale, bringing life back to the Ginza district.

The breathtaking appearance of luxurious illumination displays devised by each store will fill everyone with Christmas cheer. Also be sure to check out the shimmering illumination displays on the streets of the Ginza district. Each street, including Ginza-dori and Harumi-dori, has its own unique flavor, so the more you walk around, the greater variety of atmospheres there are for you to enjoy. We hope that visitors will enjoy this glamorous atmosphere that only Ginza can offer.

Additionally, continuing from last year, one number-shaped art installment with color-changing lights will be placed in each of Ginza’s neighborhoods, from 1-chome to 8-chome. You can also have even more fun with this fantastic mood by finding all of them, taking photos and sharing them on social media! #ginzaillumination
Enjoy the fantastic air of the luminous Ginza streets this holiday season, where every place you go is the perfect spot for photos.

Event Overview

Ginza-dori St. & Harumi-dori St.: November 26 – January 15
Ginza Azuma-dori St.: November 18 – February 7
Ginza Suzuran-dori St. (5-chome): December 1 – January 31
16:00-1:00 (next day)
Ginza Suzuran-dori St. (6-chome): November 30 – January 31
16:00-1:00 (next day)
Namiki-dori St. (1 – 4-chome): November 12 – January 9
Namiki-dori St. (5 – 8-chome): November 18 – January 15
Sony-dori St. (5-chome): November 19 – January 9
Nishiginza-dori St.: November 10 – January 31
Miyuki-dori St.: November 15 – January 15
Light-up hours dependent on activation of light-sensing system
Hanatsubaki-dori St.: November 18 – January 15
Komparu-dori St.: November 26 – December 26
24 hours a day

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