Hitoshi Ishihara×Chisako Takashima


Hitoshi Ishihara×Chisako Takashima


A talk series with the violinist Chisako Takashima and the Ginza people. Ginza holds many personal and professional memories for Takashima. In this talk series, she thoroughly explores various aspects of the Ginza culture with her guests. Today’s guest is Hitoshi Ishihara, the second generation owner of Ginza Yasuko, an oden shop and a central figure in Ginza.

I want Ginza to continue being dignified and beautiful.

How have you seen the transition of Ginza?
After the war, we’ve been receiving more and more female customers. In the past, female customers were hostesses or geisha, but the biggest change over the past 20 years is that we now have regular female office workers who come to our shop.
A lot of women also come to my concerts.
In the future maybe only women will come (laughs).
Everything was shattered during the war. That reminds me of my clear memory that the clock tower of K. Hattori that is now Wako did not burn. It was used as a GHQ building, and I envied that food was brought there.
What did you do during the war?
If there are no ingredients, you can’t run a business. We closed our business temporarily during the war. After having experienced a period where there were no food and supplies makes you feel that people nowadays lead rich and blessed lives.
Yes, I think you’re right.
Lastly, could you tell us your thoughts on Ginza.
Within Ginza, Ginza-dori has been a dignified and beautiful street since long ago.
I would like it to be kept that way. Our shop is in a back alley just off the main street. If Ginza-dori is the trunk, these streets are like the leaves and branches. The trunk needs to be carefully maintained for forever.
The people walking around Ginza are also very classy.
Yes, I want it to be a place where fabulous people walk. I don’t mean to tell you to dress up in nice clothes and walk through Ginza. I mean I want to have people with beautiful hearts walking around here.
I guess Ginza really is a special place to you.
Ginza is a wonderful area. When I come back from somewhere else and see the lanterns in Ginza, I feel a sense of relief. It’s the best place in the world!

The next guest will be…

Could you tell us about the next guest?
It’s Shinji Hara, the fifth generation president of Ginza Yoitaya, a Japanese footwear shop that opened in 1877.
I think he will be the perfect guest for the first interview of the new year.

Chisako Takashima

Violinist. Started playing the violin at age 6. After playing abroad, she moved her home base to Japan, and gives concerts all over the country. Although her current focus is on performing music, she also appears on TV and radio programs. Thanks to her much-loved personality, she is appearing in more and more venues.

Chisako Takashima’s official website

Hitoshi Ishihara

Second generation owner of Gina Yasuko, a long-standing oden shop in its 78th year.
Born in Fukugawa, Tokyo in 1930 and raised in Ginza.
A central figure in Ginza who knows the district from its pre-war days, and someone who is respected by all the people of Ginza.

Ginza Yasuko Website

Writer: Mizuho Takahashi  Location: Ginza Yasuko

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