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Gunma General Information Center “Gunma-chan’s House”

The Center is an ‘antenna shop’ (tourist information and local specialty shop) that provides informa...

Address:1F/2F The ORB Luminous, 7-10-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku

Tel:03-3571-3086 (main)03-3571-7761 (local products shop) 03-3571-7763 (restaurant department, reservations)

銀座 らん月(株)天賞堂Hatsuko Endo
銀座千疋屋TOKYO ART & LIVE CITY三笠会館本店
三井住友銀行 銀座支店GINZA TANAKA西銀座駐車場
ギンザのサヱグサみずほ銀行 銀座通支店マロニエゲート銀座 2&3

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