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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Andesine-Labradorite 2.25 ct Ring

This ring has the solid andesine-labradorite which, just as its name implies, is a combination of two feldspar varieties: andesine and labradorite. "Interference" of mainly pale light plue such as a "Syrah" or "Labradorescence" can be seen on the surface. This is a phenomenon created by the reflec...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Blue Topaz 23.16ct Necklace

When you hear the word Topaz, you may think of a yellow to pink jewel. However this necklace differs from the Imperial Topaz in that it's not an OH Type. Instead it is an F Type. This is a rather large 23.16 ct jewel. Unlike the blue jewels of sapphire, spinel, and aquamarine, the color is somewha...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Tsavorite 0.47ct Ring

This Tsavorite gem is a little different from the standard green garnet variety. There are many green gems out there, but Tsavorite has a fresh color to it that surpasses even emeralds and peridot. In addition to the high quality hardness, it has a high index of refraction that neither reach. It al...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Imperial Topaz 4.25ct Ring

Although it is a soft color, it manages to capture the eye with a unique sense of nobility. Anyone who sees it, are drawn into its warm halo light which is a quality only topaz gems have. This gorgeous ring flows the same cut as a 2.05ct diamond and more so than the taper cut found on the ballerina...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Rhodolite Garnet 2.61ct Necklace

Rhodolite garnet may have the strong image of a rasberry-red color, but it's actually quite a deep red. It's like the first glistening star in a deep red sunset. The diamonds of the Vatican section (the part that passes through the chain), has just a little grain, making this a romantic item that s...

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