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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Fire Opal 0.80 ct Ring

The charm of this jewel is its beautiful orange color! It is finished in an oval cut which allows you to truly see its original color and its transparency to its fullest making this opal quite a bit different from other opals. And the yellow gold color emphasize gives a depth that is so gorgeous. ...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:2.683ct Carving Jadeite Pendant

This fibrous structure floats like a genuine light leaf and you can even see its transparency and it's veins when held up against the light. In fact Jadeite is a stone with high tenacity meaning that it is hard to crack. In fact it ranks in as the top one or two jewels. As a result, it can withsta...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Rhodolite Garnet 2.58ct Ring

This 2.58 carat rhodolite ring has a mature sense about it since it has pear shape cut.Like its name implies, it is pretty reddish-purple like a rose that will leave you entranced. It is worthy of this noble hue, the frame is also a little wide, but it is surrounded by gorgeous platinum. ...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Loose Pink Spinel Jewel from Tanzania 0.800ct

Prior to the 18 the century, spinel gem actually had no name. It is said that this jewel with all it's different shades was catagorized differently than other jewels for a long time. However, the "Hot Pink Spinel" has quite an unusual shade that is quite similar to other types of gems. It's vibr...


The exhibition of AKAKAJI pottery

August 22th, 2018 ~September 10th, 2018 * close at 4 p.m on September 10th. Shop Information dining gallery 銀座の金沢HP Facebook Kirarito Ginza 6th floor, 1-8-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Business hours: 11:00-20:00 Gallery / 11:30-22:00( Last Call 21:00) There is a tax r...

三笠会館本店/TOKYO三井住友銀行 銀座支店/
みずほ銀行 銀座通支店/マロニエゲート銀座(株)天賞堂/
銀座 らん月/Hatsuko西銀座駐車場/

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