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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Pyrite-in-quartz Pendant Head

Like the morning mist, in the hazy quartz crystal, glittering looks in some places is the "pyrite". Pyrite has once been referred as a "fool gold". Because of the dazzling golden appearance . Its character is to become a cube during crystallize, but in these pendant head, one by one is actually a...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Gem Selection High Type Zircon

Zircon can be divided into high type, medium type, and low type. Even they have the same name, but the crystal structure is different. The difference in the crystal structure will be used to identify the type of the jewelry ー"the characteristic values (hardness, specific gravity, refractive index, ...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Fire Agate

The magma that goes up springing from underground, at that moment, the likely uplifting gem is the "fire agate". It has beautiful iridescent rainbow colors, portray a variety of patterns. The secret to the rainbow colors is due to the interference of light to the several overlapped layer of iron...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Indicolite 3.42ct ring

The semi-precious stone that comes with variety of colors ー the tourmaline. Among them, there is indicolite (blue tourmaline) with a high scarcity". The name Indicolite is came from the Latin word, meaning 'indicum plant'. The blue greenish color is a special color only for indicolite. There is no ...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Mali Garnet 1.56ct ring

The "Mali Garnet", discovered in Mali, in west Africa, is a garnet that located in the middle of andradite garnet (demantoid etc.) grossularite (tsavorite etc.), it is a little luxury gemstone. It is like ... taking place in good father and mother. With high transparency, a pair shapes and round b...

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