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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Violet Sapphire 1.22ct Ring

Neither that it shines more than ruby, nor that it gives cool image more than blue sapphire.. But this gem that is accompanied by the shininess from sapphire make it an attractive stone with "bewitching" charm. There is theory that the color of the gemstone is due to the "chromium (cr)" that respon...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Diamond loose with garnet inclusions 1.400ct

It is a special diamond with bright red "garnet" inside it. The clarity is SI-1, of course it is not visible with naked eye, for person with good eye, by using a magnifying glass, you can check the appearance of beautiful garnet inside it. It is like the diamond's "heart". Even it is small but...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Peridot 22.51ct ring

Once known as "Sun Gemstone", the distinctive cheerful yellow-green peridot is due to the presence of "Fe (iron)". Since the Fe is an element that has been incorporated into the composition component of the Peridot itself, rather than impurity color like ruby and emerald, it is characterized to hav...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Parti-Color Sapphire 1.372ct ring

Sapphire, will change its color depending on the type of impurities mixed. Orange is because of iron and pink is due to chromium. The main stone of this ring is the "Parti-Color Sapphire" of 1.372ct. At first glance, Orange-pink padparadscha sapphires is seen, but if you look carefully, there is...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Sphalerite Loose 12.291ct

With a diameter of 14mm and 12.291ct loose "sphalerite". Sphalerite is classified as one of rare type "sulfide minerals" in jewelry speciesーa very rare gem that with the main of "zinc". A diamond with about four times dispersion degree (numerical magnitude of angle break down to the seven color...

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