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【Favorite Stone】What’s New:Diamond’s Fluorescence

Including the sunlight, the black light, etc there are many types of "Ultraviolet". Due to this too, there is transform on some diamonds, not all. In another word, only some diamonds that carry "fluorescence characteristic" show effects under ultraviolet light. When subjected to ultraviolet light...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Sphene

"Sphene", also known as "Titanite". Its name comes from "titanium", the main element that form the crystal. Titanium, a strong ally to those metal with allergy that form the "blue sapphire" when meet with "corundum" and sometimes form decoration on the surface of ruby and sapphire with crystal lik...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Pink Tourmaline Collection

From plain brown earth color to vivid pink color, the "pink tourmaline" varying mostly between pink and pink carnations. Come in different color and shade, the "Candy-color" is said to has the most attraction. Due to the change in the environment, and likely to be said due to the element lithium...


【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Yellow Diamond Collection

Among the gold jewelry, it is a gemstone that shines the most, the "Yellow Diamond". From the bright yellow to the fancy yellow, it comes in variety of colors. With strong brilliance, the dazzling Yellow Diamond is also referred as "The Pieces of Sun". The secret of its energetic shades is the "...


【GINZA MITSUKOSHI】 ~”Namban Tea Party” – A selection by Shintaro Yabe~

Shintaro Yabe owns and operates seven popular bars and cafés in Japan, including Salon de Shintaro, a high-class, members-only bar in Ginza, and Gallery & Café Mikado in Kagurazaka. Yabe has traveled around Japan and other parts of the world in pursuit of true beauty, a...

マロニエゲート銀座銀座 らん月/Hatsuko
(株)天賞堂/三井住友銀行 銀座支店/三笠会館本店/
みずほ銀行 銀座通支店/GINZAギンザのサヱグサ/

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