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【Favorite Stone】What’s New:Diamond’s Fluorescence


Including the sunlight, the black light, etc there are many types of “Ultraviolet”. Due to this too, there is transform on some diamonds, not all. In another word, only some diamonds that carry “fluorescence characteristic” show effects under ultraviolet light.
When subjected to ultraviolet light, these special diamonds are shining in various colors. Depending on the power of atomic level that occurs when it is exposed to the ultraviolet rays, the various colors of light will somehow entertain us.
Only 10% of those show strengths of fluorescence, make it a very rare gemstone.
We’ll show you a wide variety of diamonds with different shades and colors at our shop.
Do come and check it by yourself!

Diamond's Fluorescence Diamond's Fluorescence Diamond's Fluorescence Diamond's Fluorescence Diamond's Fluorescence

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Favorite Stone Jewelry GINZA188 Favorite Stone Jewelry GINZA188→
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