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Ginza Information Management (GIM)

Ginza Information Management (GIM) is an organization established to publish and manage Ginza’s official website, GINZA OFFICIAL. It is financed by the Zen-Ginza-kai (= “Ginza association”), an organization constituted of the town assembly which is the marginal autonomous organization encompassing the Tokyo Ginza district, the Tori-kai (= “streets’ association”), a regional development shopping street organization, and other business and voluntary organizations.
Ginza Information Management (GIM)

Ginza Street Association, Ginza Sanwa Bldg. 3F, 4-6-1 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061
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Editing philosophy

”Show the World the charm of Ginza”

The streets of Ginza, the place for radiant shops
Ginza, an area that has continued to evolve through turbulent times
Ginza, a rare area where new and old coexist
We strive to highlight and spread the charm of Ginza, a leading area in Japan to all generations and to the rest of the World, through the various events taking place here and the passion for Ginza held by many people

Member recruit

The official Ginza website GINZA official is recruiting new shop members to be included in its shop search, “Shops & Restaurants.” Please contact us using the above form if you wish to become a member. (Members must fulfill certain requirements and pass a screening process.)


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