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Autumn Ginza
Indulge yourself in the irresistible food and art experiences that Ginza offers in autumn.
Don’t miss Ginchakai, when Ginza becomes an open-air tea ceremony space.
Come to enjoy Ginza this autumn with your family and friends.

Autumn Ginza 2018 Event Calendar

Autumn Ginza 2018 Event Calendar


1:00 to 4:00 p.m. October 28
Ginchakai that has become a familiar autumn tradition in Ginza is now in its 17th year.
This special event brings together all five schools of chado and a sencha-do school that rarely share a venue to open-air tea ceremony set in Ginza. Come and enjoy the world of tea ceremony that is a part of traditional Japanese culture.
Concurrent events:Student-designed tea room, Tokyo University of the Arts in Ginchakai, Itoen event, and parent-child sweets making in Ginza.

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Shintomi-za Children’s Kabuki

November 3, starts at 1:30 p.m. (doors open at 1:00 p.m.)
Venue: Chuo City Taimei Elementary School (special stage set up at the school yard)
Students of Taimei elementary school will peform Shintomi-za Kodomo (children’s) Kabuki again this year.
Shintomi-za Children’s Kabuki is carried out with the cooperation of Chuo City neighborhood associations and elementary schools to give children an opportunity to experience kabuki in Ginza that is the home of the Kabuki-za Theatre. The performances will be “Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura” (Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees) and “Shiranami Gonin Otoko” (Five Thieves). Enjoy the charming performance of young actors.

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Tokyo Art & Live City Project

October 24 to 28 (first Japanese dance lesson), November 1 (Japan-France Court Romance Performance)
Venue: Kanze Noh Theater, Onoe-ryu Training Hall
The Tokyo Art & Live City Project aims to share all the excellence of the arts in and around Ginza from theaters, galleries, movie theaters and more with everyone in Japan and around the world. You can enjoy the unique art contests only possible from the Tokyo Art & Live City Project, such as a contest between classical Japanese theater and French baroque music or Japanese dance experience. (Advance booking required for this event)

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Afternoon Galleries

November 3
Afternoon Galleries is an event in which galleries in Ginza collaborate to create a platform for communication. A variety of events such as gallery tours, gallery lectures, a rakugo performance, and small live performances will bring you closer to a broad range of art. *For the details about locations and participating galleries, visit the Ginza Galleries website. (Advance booking required for this event)

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Opening ceremony at last year’s Charity Buyers Club

Charity Buyers Club for Delicious Japanese Agricultural Products

October 27. Opening Ceremony from 12:30 p.m., Charity Buyers Club from 1:00 p.m.
Location: Sukiyabashi Park (5-Chome side)
The Charity Buyers Club for Delicious Japanese Agricultural Products that has become an annual event is a club selling fresh fruit and vegetables, domestic-grown rice, and other products.
Once again this year, a charity operation in Sukiyabashi Park next to Tokyu Plaza Ginza will be selling fall products grown safely and with great care by producers connected to Ginza bars and restaurants.

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October 17 to October 30
Ginza Fashion Week will be held for the 15th year this fall.
Ginza Mitsukoshi, Matsuya Ginza, Wako, Tokyu Plaza Ginza, and Ginza Six will hold a fall and winter fashion showdown based on a collective theme of ‘Transform.’ There will also be other events and special programs that you can only experience this fall, such as a collaborative campaign with Hearst Fujingaho and VIP offers from each store.

Ginza Mitsukoshi
Matsuya Ginza
Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Ginza Restaurant Week

October 17 to November 3
Ginza Restaurant Week is an event that is long awaited by foodies.
The restaurants you’ve always wanted to try await you with specialty dining courses. This autumn, bring close friends or family to join in gourmet pleasures in Ginza.
Make a reservation in advance at one of the participating restaurants.

See the website for details.

Autumn Ginza Night

October 17 to November 3
This event lets you easily enjoy bars in Ginza — the district where all of the best bartenders come together. How about taking this opportunity to try a cocktail at your favorite bar?
Check the website for details about participating bars.

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Visiting Ginza Haccho Shrines

12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. November 1 to November 3
Visit 11 shrines in Ginza including some that will exhibit their Buddhist images only during the event period. A small commemorative gift is available for persons who collect all the shrine stamps on their stamp book.

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