Diners Club Ginza Restaurant Week, Spring 2019

Ginza’s Gourmet Event
Diners Club Ginza Restaurant Week, Spring 2019

Prestigious Ginza restaurants will offer showcase dishes for a limited time at special prices. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity!

Event Outline

Dates: Saturday, April 20 through Monday, May 6 (Note: Days open during the event period vary by shop.)
Details: Participating restaurants will offer a special Diners Club Ginza Restaurant Week course.
●Lunch course: 3,000 yen (includes service charges, but excludes tax)
●Dinner course: 10,000 yen (includes service charges, but excludes tax); Each dinner course order also includes a complementary pre-meal aperitif.
Note that tax is not included in the above price.
Restaurants not open for lunch will not offer the Special Lunch Course.
A restaurant may be unable to accept a reservation due to a limit on the number of available Special Lunch or Dinner Courses that can be served.
How to make a reservation:
  • Phone the restaurant to make a reservation. (There is a set date for the start of reservations.)
    Make sure to inform the staff that you are making a reservation for the Diners Club Ginza Restaurant Week Special Course.
    Note that Special Courses will only be served with prior notice when the reservation is made.
Start of reservations: Reservation start on Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Reservations start on Friday, March 29 for Diners Club members

Important. Please read the following before use.
Other discounts, benefits, services or campaigns cannot be used concurrently.
Please note that the restaurants will charge a fee for reservation changes/cancellations. Fees vary by restaurant.

See the Diners Club website for a list of participating establishments.

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