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Announcement about GARONOYAKAI 2023

Ginza Galleries will hold GARONOYAKAI on Friday, May 26, 2023. Ginza Galleries’ GARONOYAKAI event that began in 2004 is an annual art event held in galleries from 1-chome to 8-chome in Ginza. Participating galleries will be open on this day until 9:00 p.m. and will offer refreshments and other services to let those who usually feel intimidated by art galleries enjoy carefree interaction with gallerists and artists.
The unique aspect of “GARONOYAKAI” is that you can experience art while enjoying a nighttime stroll through Ginza. This event is an opportunity to interact with gallerists and artists in an informal setting, so even those who are normally hesitant to enter art galleries are encouraged to take advantage of this event as an opportunity to fully experience the joy of art and art galleries.
On the day of the event, you can also receive a discount on drinks at the Canvas Lounge, located in the Royal Park Canvas Ginza Corridor hotel, by presenting the brochure or the screen from the website.

Event Information

Gallery tours will be held on the day of the event. A gallery map can also be downloaded from the website to make it easier for visitors to enjoy visiting the participating art galleries.

Time and Date Friday, May 26, 2023 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Participating Galleries 24 galleries from Ginza 1-chome to 8-chome
Admission Free

Participating Galleries
1-chome Shibata Etsuko Gallery, Gallery Goto
3-chome SASAI FINE ARTS, TomuraLee
5-chome Ginza Yanagi Gallery, Galerie Nichido, Sagamiya Fine Arts & Antiques, SEIZAN Gallery
6-chome Hanada Art Gallery Ginza, Manyoudou, emmy art +, Tsukau Tanoshimu +NOTION,
Art Gallery Shukado, Shihodo Gallery Ginza, Gallery Ueda,
Ginza Jansem Gallery, Shunsei Gallery, Ginza Bijutsu, Ginza Kuroda Touen Annex
7-chome Soei Gallery, Galerie Tamenaga
8-chome Monji Fine Art Gallery, Nagai Garou, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP

Click here for the official GARONOYAKAI Website

Gallery Tours

If you do not know where the galleries are or do not want to visit them alone, we are also running themed gallery tours.
For reservations, please visit the official GARONOYAKAI Website.

Time and Date Friday, May 26, starting at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
(same content for both tours)
Required Time Approx. 100 minutes
Capacity Five courses, maximum of 5 people per course
Note: Advance reservation required (first come, first served), participation is free
Participation is limited to one course.
Courses A: Enjoy Works Filled with Individuality
B: Appreciating Works from the Perspective of Their Themes
C: A Cross-Section of Various Genres of Art
D: Art Cruise Group Exhibition
E: Enjoy the Artist’s Charm at a Solo Exhibition
Ginza Yanagi Gallery, Takumi Arita Fresco Exhibition: Takumi Arita “Ranch Morning”
Ginza Yanagi Gallery
Takumi Arita Fresco Exhibition
Takumi Arita “Ranch Morning”
SEIZAN Gallery, Ryoma Noda: Ryoma Noda “Vanana Thorn”
SEIZAN Gallery
Ryoma Noda
Ryoma Noda “Vanana Thorn”
Sagamiya Fine Arts & Antiques, An Exhibition of Artworks by Mariko Kawauchi: Mariko Kawauchi “Mindfulness”
Sagamiya Fine Arts & Antiques
An Exhibition of Artworks by Mariko Kawauchi
Mariko Kawauchi “Mindfulness”
Art Gallery Shukado, An Exhibition of Artworks by Toko Okamoto: Toko Okamoto “Chain”
Art Gallery Shukado
An Exhibition of Artworks by Toko Okamoto
Toko Okamoto “Chain”
Shihodo Gallery Ginza, Delicious Paintings: Yoshio Mori “Still Life”
Shihodo Gallery Ginza
Delicious Paintings
Yoshio Mori “Still Life”
Ginza Kuroda Touen Annex, Our First Rosanjin Exhibition: Kitaoji Rosanjin “Akae Juice Pour” *Reference work
Ginza Kuroda Touen Annex
Our First Rosanjin Exhibition
Kitaoji Rosanjin “Akae Juice Pour” *Reference work

Ginza Galleries Office / Saito
E-mail: info@ginza-galleries.com

Organizer: Ginza Galleries
Sponsor: Ginza Association Event Committee

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