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Noh Komparu Festival

The first street to the west off Ginza-dori from Ginza 8-Chome is called Komparu-dori. In the Edo period, this street was home to the estate of the Komparu school of Noh theater. The name was retained after the Meiji period in the Komparu Festival and the Komparu geisha, and exists today in the name of a public bathhouse, Komparu-yu.
The Noh Komparu Festival began in 1985 under collaboration between the Ginza Komparu Street Association and Komparu Enmai-kai, a public interest incorporated association, with the hope of passing down Edo culture. This year is the 32nd year of the festival.
The programs that will be performed on Komparu-dori on August 7 are all special Nara Komparu Noh plays showing ancient rites from a thousand years ago. The music will be celebratory songs praying for peace and enjoying the blessings of tranquility.

◎More about the Komparu Festival:http://www.komparu-enmaikai.com/