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Information about Yukata de Gin-bura Festival 2017

Yukata de Gin-bura Festival 2017 is a project that turns Ginza-dori from 1-chome to 8-chome into a vehicle-free promenade on Sunday, August 6. All types of “cooling off” events that showcase Japanese hospitality will be held for people visiting midsummer Ginza wearing yukatas and other Japanese clothing.
Since the closing of Ginza-dori to traffic in August 1970 as the first vehicle-free promenade in Japan, we have been holding events under the name of Holiday Promenade on Chuo-dori each year when it closes to traffic to commemorate the vehicle-free promenade and give visitors to Ginza a day of summer fun. The Yukata de Gin-bura Festival is one part of this Holiday Promenade that was started in 2007 to have people come to Ginza wearing a yukata, that is also a special summer tradition, and enjoy a moment of coolness.
This year that is the eleventh year is themed on “taking challenges” and will feature Bon Odori dancing at Taimei Elementary School, and street stalls of famous Ginza shops and restaurants, and more. We welcome all to come dressed in a yukata and savor summer in Ginza!

Rainy weather

Some events may be canceled if it rains. Unless it storms, indoor events and events under tents will be held as scheduled. If events are canceled, a notice will be posted on Ginza Official, Twitter, and other media outlets by around 11:00 a.m.

Overview of Event

Yukata de Gin-bura Festival 2017
Time & Date: Sunday, August 6, 2017
We will post the start times of each event later on Ginza Official.
Location: Ginza-dori
Organizers: Ginza Association, Ginza Street Association
List of events Ginza
Participating companies

Cool Breeze Project in Ginza (Mission Uchimizu)
[2:30 p.m. / 2:50 p.m.]

At locations on Ginza-dori (4 spots), water will be splashed on the street in unison to the beat of a drum.
The water cools Ginza down and makes a cool breeze for the vehicle-free promenade, and it is a wonderful moment when the district heads into the cool of evening. Everyone taking part in Mission Uchimizu will receive drinking water.

Note: The water used in Mission Uchimizu is reclaimed water made by purifying sewage water treated at the Shibaura Water Reclamation Center.

Co-host: Tokyo National Highway Office, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Partners: Mission Uchimizu Headquarters, Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Sponsors of drinking water: Asahi Soft Drink Sales Co., Ikutatsu Inc., Ito En, Ltd.,
Sapporo Breweries Ltd.

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Jumbo Ginza Raffle
[3 to 5 p.m. (First 1,000 visitors)]

Try a quiz on Ginza. If you answer all the questions correctly, you can enter a draw to win luxury prizes. Prizes will include yukatas, bags, meal coupons, and much more.

(Eligible to visitors in a yukata or Japanese clothing who give a charity donation. One entry per person at one of the two stages.)

Sponsors: Companies providing prizes for the Jumbo Ginza Raffle

Note: Quiz forms will be distributed from 2 p.m.
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Ginza Teahouse
[3 to 5 p.m. (While supplies last)]

At the Teahouse, you can get iced coffee, green tea, and other drinks. It also offers a place for relaxation with benches and foliage plants for visitors strolling through Ginza to take a break.

(Free for those who gave a charity donation.)

Partner: Chuo City Social Welfare Council
Sponsors: Ito En, Ltd., Starbucks Coffee Japan Ltd.,
Nishio Tea Cooperative Association

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“Yappa Ginza da Be”
East Japan Reconstruction Support Project from Ginza 2017
[3:00 to 4:45 p.m. (While supplies last)]

Six years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. To keep our thoughts about the areas affected by the disaster from fading, the people of Ginza will hold a project to aid in recovery.
Visitors will be given non-powdered green tea prepared with cold water from Yabe-En-Chaho, a tea shop in Shiogama.

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Streetside Wadaiko Performance
[From 3:30 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and 4:30 p.m.]

Powerful wadaiko (Japanese drum) performance that blows the heat of summer away. Enjoy the beats by members of Tsukishima Gojin Daiko that gives performances by not only men, but also women and children.

Partner: Tsukishima Gojin Daiko (Chuo-ku Organization)

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Yukata de Gin-bura Festival x Ginza Mitsukoshi Isetan Photo Room
[3 to 5 p.m.]

Get your photo taken by a professional photographer at the Ginza Mitsukoshi Isetan Photo Room that will be open on Wednesday, July 26 for the first 30 visitors to come in a yukata.
How about creating a wonderful summer memory with someone special?

Note: Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10:30 a.m. Ginza Mitsukoshi 9F Ginza Terrace, Yukata Garden (first 30 people)
Note: Get your photo at the Ginza Mitsukoshi 9F Ginza Terrace, Yukata Garden.
(One day only, in order from 5 p.m.)

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Traveling Edo Aquarium

The Sumida Aquarium will recreate the goldfish peddling shops that were a prominent feature of summer from the Edo to Showa period to the foot of Tokyo Skytree®. Experience the coolness of summer with goldfish-filled aquariums.

Note: Goldfish are not actually for sale.
Partners: Sumida Aquarium, Japan Ornamental Fish Association

Visitors to the Sumida Aquarium on that day wearing a yukata will receive one free drink (soft drink) at Penguin Café.
Sumida Aquarium: 5F, 6F Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi, 1-1-2 Sumida-ku, Tokyo ☎03-5619-1821
9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Last entry 8 p.m.)

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Wind chime painting
[3 to 5 p.m.]

Draw pictures on Edo-style wind chimes that ring out a cool-sounding tune to create a one-of-a-kind wind chime.
Both adults and children can create wonderful summer memories.

(Eligible to the first 320 visitors in a yukata or Japanese clothing with a numbered ticket who give a charity donation.)

Note: Numbered tickets will be distributed from 2 p.m.
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Yukata Photo Room
[3 to 5 p.m.]

A photographer will take a photo of you in a yukata against the backdrop of the clock tower that is a symbol of Ginza and the Ginza-dori street.
Create a record of a wonderful summer memory with your family, lover, or friends wearing a yukata.

(Eligible to the first 100 groups in a yukata or Japanese clothing with a numbered ticket who give a charity donation. Your photo will be given to you at the front of the Mitsukoshi stage.)

Sponsor: Sony Corporation

Note: Numbered tickets will be distributed from 2 p.m.
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Kid’s Plaza
[3 to 5 p.m.]

During summer holidays, play your heart out at the Kid’s Plaza in Ginza! Come and join the cool and fun events like fishing for bouncy balls and a treasure hunt in a snowy mountain.

(For children up to elementary school age)

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Summer Festival at Matsuya Ginza
[3 to 5 p.m. (Reception closes at 4:30 p.m.)]

This year, the MG Terrace that opened in Restaurant City Ginza on the eighth floor of Matsuya Ginza will hold a mini festival for one day only where you can enjoy fishing for water balloon yo-yo, pinball, and more.
Prizes will be given to visitors participating in games, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Note: Matsuya Ginza will also have other special services for visitors in a yukata. For details, see the flyers available in the first floor main entrance and Kyobashi entrance information desk.

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Free Yukata Dressing Service

For those of you who have a yukata, but don’t know how to put it on, please try this service.
People from kimono shops and kimono accessories shops in Ginza will dress you in a yukata free of charge.
Men are also welcome to use this service.

– Matsuya Ginza Location: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (first 70 people)

Note: Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10 a.m. that morning at the Matsuya Ginza Kyobashi entrance (reception closes after 70 people)

– Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ginza Branch location 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (first 60 people)
(7F Ginza Six, 6-10-1 Ginza)

Note: Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10:45 a.m. that morning in front of the first floor ATM area in the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ginza Branch.
(Reception closes after 60 people.)

Note: Only available to those with all the yukata components (obi, waste cord, and other accessories needed for dressing) and a pair of geta clogs.

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Ginza Experience Village, Tokyu Plaza Ginza
[11 a.m. to 6 p.m.]

For a limited time only, stroll around a floor decorated like an Edo village in a yukata.
A workshop about Japanese style will be held! You can also receive special perks from participating shops when you visit in a yukata.
– Workshop at the Kiriko Lounge
Saturday, August 5, and Sunday, August 6, 2 to 6 p.m.

Note: See the Tokyu Plaza Ginza website for details.

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Great Ginza Bon Odori Dance enclosed by street stalls of prominent Ginza restaurants
[3:00 to 5:30 p.m.]

New event for the Yukata de Gin-bura Festival!!
A yagura scaffold for a bon odori dance competition will be set up in the schoolyard of Taimei Elementary School that is right near the Sukiyabashi intersection!!
Famous restaurants from Ginza will set up stalls enclosing the scaffold where they will sell their special cuisine and drinks!!
Do not miss this chance to enjoy the flavors of the famous Ginza restaurants all in one place!!
Also, a special live performance will be held in the adjacent Sukiyabashi Park!!
– Stalls from 3 p.m. – Bon odori dance from 4 p.m.

Note: Details about live performances will be posted by each official account.

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Here are some videos of how to put on a yukata by yourself in a way that does not come undone or become disheveled easily and how to fix your yukata if it does come undone. See the links below.
Putting on a yukata (women)
Putting on a yukata (men)

Information about events will also be published from the official Yukata de Gin-bura Festival account!

Note: Charity boxes for donations to areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto earthquakes will be set up in various locations including the Headquarters and Uchimizu Tent.
If you have questions on the day of the festival, visit the information desk.
Event information is subject to change without notice.

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Ginza Hospitality Map

Receive special perks for visiting in a yukata and hospitality from numerous shops ranging from those with a long history to those that are the current hype.
We hope you thoroughly enjoy the Yukata de Gin-bura Festival.

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Yukata de Gin-bura Festival participating stores (as of June 15)

  • Kirarito Ginza
  • Tokyu Plaza Ginza
  • Itoya
  • Koyama Healthcare Group Ginza Hospital
  • Space Trust
  • Nissan Crossing
  • Association of Ginza West Namiki-dori District
  • Ginza Hyakuten Organization
  • Ginmekai
  • Ginza Six
  • Ginza Sembikiya
  • Ginza Tanaka Ginza Honten
  • Ginza Sayegusa
  • Ginza Yoshida
  • Komatsu Store
  • Shinsei Bank Ginza Branch
  • Hatsuko Endo Weddings
  • Mizuho Bank Ginza-dori Branch
  • Mitsui Fudosan
  • Yayoi Kogyo
  • Wako
  • Ginza Social Interaction and Restaurant Association (GSK)
  • Ginza Street Association 4-Chome Branch
  • Ginza 4-Chome Cooperative
  • Ginza Core
  • Torigin Ginza Honten
  • Palmax
  • Matsuya Ginza Honten
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ginza Branch
  • Mitsukoshi Ginza
  • Nishi Ginza Street Association
  • Iwatsuki Kogyo
  • Ginza Boeki
  • Ginza Yamano Music Honten
  • Shimizu Corporation
  • Daiko Inc.
  • Noevir
  • Hartmann
  • Marronnier Gate Ginza 1
  • Marronnier Gate Ginza 2 & 3
  • Mitsubishi Estate
  • Summer Jumbo Lottery
  • Ginza 5-Chome Neighborhood Association
  • Ginza Nishi 7-Chome Neighborhood Association
  • Asako Ginza Building
  • SMBC Nikko Securities Ginza Branch
  • All Shokai
  • Kawai Hachiemon Shoten
  • Ginza Ikedaen
  • Ginza Sato
  • Ginza 888 Building
  • Ginza Tsudaya
  • Ginza Torishige
  • Ginza Fujiya
  • Ginza Motoji
  • Ginza Ryoinkumiai Association
  • Chikuyotei
  • Tenshodo
  • Tokyo Kyukyodo Ginza Honten
  • Tokyo Expressway
  • Docomo Shop Ginza Chuo-dori
  • Nanban Gin-entei
  • Nisshindo Ginza Honten
  • Hartmann Ginza and Samsonite Black Label Ginza
  • Mizuho Bank Ginza Branch
  • SMBC Ginza Corporate Banking Department No. 1
  • SMBC Ginza Corporate Banking Department No. 2
  • SMBC Ginza Area
  • Meidi-ya Ginza Building
  • Restaurant Ishida
  • Kyobashi Section Four Neighborhood Association
  • Ginza Azuma-dori Meitenkai
  • Ginza 1- to 4-Chome Namiki-dori Street Association
  • Ginza 1-Chome Neighborhood Association
  • Ginza 5-Chome Sony-dori Neighborhood Association & Store Association
  • Ginza Konbaru-dori Street Association
  • Ginza 3-Chome Street Association
  • Ginza Sukiya-dori Street Association
  • Ginza Suzuran-dori Store Association
  • Ginza 7-Chome Street Association
  • Ginza Nishi 1-Chome Street Association
  • Ginza Nishi Gobangai Neighborhood Association & Store Association
  • Ginza Nishi 3-Chome Street Association
  • Ginza Nishi 2-Chome Street Association
  • Ginza Nishi 8 Neighborhood Association
  • Ginza Nishi 4-Chome Street Association Gin-yukai
  • Ginza Nishi 6-Chome Street Association
  • Ginza 2-Chome Street Association
  • Ginza 8-Chome Street Association
  • Ginza Hanatsubaki-dori Street Association
  • Ginza 6-Chome Street Association
  • Ginza Merchants’ Association
  • Art For Thought
  • Ajinochuka Hagoromo
  • Ando Cloisonné
  • Isamiya Ginza Honten
  • Isehiro Ginza 5-Chome
  • Ichikoshi
  • Iwasaki Megane
  • Esteban Tokyo
  • NB Club
  • Emilio Pucci Ginza
  • M. Taniguchi Ginza
  • Endo Aosjiru Service Stand
  • Otako Ginza 8-Chome
  • Kernel
  • Kaishoku Michiba
  • Katsumido Shashinkiten
  • Cafe Paulista Ginza
  • Cafe de Ginza Miyukikan 4-Chome
  • Kariyasu Law Office
  • Kimuraya Sohonten
  • Kyobunkwan
  • Ginei
  • Ginza Akebono
  • Ginza Echigoya
  • Ginza Kanameya
  • Ginza Kanawa
  • Ginza Kamon
  • Ginza Kimuraya
  • Ginza Grand Hotel
  • Ginza Crystal Dental Office
  • Ginza Sawamoto
  • Ginza Shiruhachi
  • Ginza Sushiko
  • Ginza Sushiko Honten
  • Ginza Seigetsudo Gallery
  • Ginza Daikokuya
  • Ginza Takagen
  • Ginza Tanagokoro
  • Ginza Tanizawa
  • Ginza Tenseikaku
  • Ginza Nagano
  • Ginza Natsuno
  • Ginza Bairin
  • Ginza Hada Clinic
  • Ginza Peers Building
  • Ginza Maggy
  • Ginza Maruhachi
  • Ginza Murata
  • Ginza Men’s Wear
  • Ginza Motoki 4-Chome
  • Ginza Yasuda Shokeido
  • Ginza Yamatoya Footwear
  • Ginza Yoitaya
  • Ginza Rangetsu
  • Ginza Washington Ginza Honten
  • Ginnoto
  • Coopstand (Tokyu Plaza Ginza 6F)
  • Matsumotokiyoshi Ginza 5th
  • Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Ginza Hotel
  • Kosaka Real Estate
  • Kodera Real Estate
  • San Ai
  • Sanki Shoji
  • Sanko Jish
  • GU
  • JTM
  • The Orb Premiere
  • Cine Switch Ginza
  • Shima Ginza
  • Kurata Office Licensed Social Insurance Consultant
  • Think Bee! Ginza
  • Shintaro Building
  • The Shimbun Joho
  • Skagen Tokyu Plaza Ginza
  • Suga Sogyo
  • Sukiyaki Kappo Ginza Yoshizawa
  • Sushidokoro Ginza Hokake
  • Steak & Grill Rangetsu of Tokyo
  • Slim Beauty House Oriental Spa Ginza
  • Slim Beauty House Kirarito Ginza Honten
  • 7-eleven Ginza Chikagai
  • St.Paul’s Salon
  • Zen Trust
  • Zenya
  • Sonyy Corporation
  • Sofina Beauty Power Station
  • Taisei Ginza Building Construction Office
  • Dining Gallery Ginza No Kanazawa
  • Ginza Takahashi
  • Takenaka Corporation
  • Dakota
  • Taya Ginza Honten
  • Tsukamoto Sogyo
  • Tsubame Grill Ginza Core
  • Tsuboi Corporation
  • Tsuyafukin Sasaki
  • Tsuru To Kame
  • Tiffany & Co. Ginza Honten
  • Tokyo Fugetsudo Ginza Honten
  • Tokyo Fuji Building
  • Tokyo Masuiwaya
  • Tricolore
  • Toriba Coffee
  • Nagoya’s Famous Misokatsu Yabaton
  • Taya 7-chome
  • Namiki Building
  • Narita Yatani Shoten
  • Nicolas G. Hayek Center
  • Nitto Corner
  • Nitori Marronnier Gate Ginza
  • Bar Sona
  • Bar Yu-nagi
  • Hasegawa Ginza Honten
  • Fujikoshi Estate
  • Plugin Products
  • Bunmeido Cafe Ginza
  • Heiwa Nosan Kogyo
  • Health & Beauty Hosendo Ginza Hanatsubaki-dori
  • Pola The Beauty Ginza
  • Ho-en
  • Hosaka Shoji
  • Max Mara Ginza Namiki-dori
  • Mizuho Bank Ginza Chuo Branch
  • Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier
  • Ginza Branch Office, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
  • Ginza Branch, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
  • Ginza-dori Branch, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
  • Old-fashioned Kimonos and Obis Akariya 2
  • Morikuma
  • Yasuko
  • Yamaha Ginza
  • Japan Post Bank Kyobashi Branch
  • Uniqlo
  • Yoshikawa Clinic
  • Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Honten
  • Resona Bank Shimbashi Branch
  • Lexia Ginza Six
  • Lexia Ginza Namiki-dori Honten
  • L’Occitane en Provence
  • Ginza post offices (Ginza Nishi Post Office, Ginza Miyuki-dori Post Office, Kyobashi-dori Post Office, Ginza 3rd Post Office, Ginza-dori Post Office, Ginza 4th Post Office, Ginza Namiki-dori Post Office, Ginza 7th Post Office, Yaesu Shopping Mall Post Office, Ginza 1st Post Office)

Jumbo Ginza Raffle Participating Companies
(Japanese alphabetical order) (as of June 15)

  • Art For Thought
  • Asahi Breweries
  • Astalift Ginza
  • Azuma Odori
  • Amorico Ginza Honten
  • Albion Dresser Ginza
  • Armani/Ginza Tower
  • Ando Cloisonné
  • Exit Melsa
  • Isamiya Ginza Honten
  • Ichibankan
  • Itoya
  • Oji Salmon Ginza
  • Oonoya
  • Cave de Cinq
  • Kashoen Boutique Ginza
  • Kappo Nakajima
  • Kanetanaka An
  • Key Coffee
  • Kimuraya Sohonten
  • Kyoto Kimono Yuzen
  • Ginza Akebono
  • Ginza Ishingo Honten
  • Ginza Ichiri Honten
  • Ginza Echigoya
  • Ginza Okahan Honten
  • Ginza Osada
  • Ginza Cave Fujiki
  • Ginza Kanameya
  • Ginza Kanematsu
  • Ginza Kimuraya
  • Ginza Kunoya
  • Ginza Cozy Corner Ginza 1-Chome Honten
  • Ginza Sawamoto
  • Ginza Jujiya Harp & Flute Salon
  • Ginza Daikokuya
  • Ginza Diamond Shiraishi Ginza Honten
  • Ginza Takagen
  • Ginza Tanaka Ginza Honten
  • Ginza Tanagokoro
  • Ginza Tanizawa
  • Ginza Tsudaya
  • Ginza Tenkuni
  • Ginza Natsuno
  • Ginza Sayegusa
  • Ginza Hageten
  • Ginza Hyakuten Organization
  • Ginza Fujiya
  • Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei
  • Ginza Honey Bee Project
  • Ginza Motoki 4-Chome
  • Ginza Yasuda Shokeido
  • Ginza Yamatoya
  • Ginza Yamatoya Footwear
  • Ginza Yoitaya
  • Ginza Yoshikawa Dental Clinic
  • Ginza Rangetsu
  • Ginza Washington Ginza Honten
  • Kuroda Touen
  • Coach Ginza
  • Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Ginza Hotel
  • Kojima Florist
  • Sapporo Brewery
  • Summer Jumbo Lottery
  • Sun Motoyama Ginza Honten
  • Sanyo Ginza Tower
  • Shiseido
  • Shiseido The Ginza
  • Shiseido Parlour 115th Anniversary Project
  • Think Bee! Ginza
  • Skagen Tokyu Plaza Ginza
  • Sukiyaki Kappo Ginza Yoshizawa
  • Suzuki Florist
  • Suzunoya Ginza
  • Steak & Grill Rangetsu of Tokyo
  • Sumida Aquarium
  • Slim Beauty House Oriental Spa Ginza
  • Slim Beauty House Kirarito Ginza Honten
  • Seigetsudo Honten
  • Zenya
  • Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Ginza
  • Daiko Inc.
  • Dining Gallery Ginza No Kanazawa
  • Ginza Takahashi
  • Taya Ginza Honten
  • Tsukiji Tama Sushi
  • Tsubame Grill Ginza Core
  • Tenshodo
  • Tokyo Kitcho Ginza
  • Tokyo Kyukyodo Ginza Honten
  • Tokyo Fugetsudo Ginza Honten
  • Tokyo Masuiwaya
  • Torigin Ginza Honten
  • Nair’s Restaurant
  • Nagoya’s Famous Misokatsu Yabaton
  • Taya 7-chome
  • Nissan Crossing
  • Noble Pearl
  • Hakuhinkan Toy Park
  • Fancl Ginza Square
  • Feiler Ginza Honten
  • Hukla Ginza
  • Futabazushi
  • Bunmeido Cafe Ginza
  • Les Belles Modes
  • Hotel Gracery Ginza
  • Ponte Vecchio Ginza Namiki-dori Honten
  • Matsuya Ginza Chianti
  • Matsuya Ginza Honten
  • Mikasa Kaikan
  • Mikimoto
  • Mitsukoshi Ginza
  • Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel
  • Old-fashioned Kimonos and Obis Akariya 2
  • Meidi-ya Ginza Building
  • A. Lecomte Ginza
  • Le Noble Ginza
  • Lexia Ginza Six
  • Lexia Ginza Namiki-dori Honten
  • Restaurant Ishida
  • YC Ginza
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