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For 90 years since its establishment in Ginza 4-chome in 1923, and for 60 years since its reopening after the war in its current location in Ginza 8-chome Namiki Dori , we have kept the tradition of Kanto-style taste as a long-established oden(Japanese-style pot au feu) restaurant.

In addition to oden, we also serve a variety of seasonal dishes and appetizers.

Address Nodaya Building
8-6-19 Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo
Hours weekdays      17:00~24:30
weekdays(May〜Aug) 17:30~24:30
Sat.&Holidays    16:00~22:30
Holiday Sunday,New Year holidays,Golden Week holidays,Marine Day (The third Monday of July),Mt. holiday,Obon holiday,
Tel 03-3571-0751