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【Ginza Mitsukoshi】 ~ Wrap, Tie, Play~ The Charms of Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth


Lunch totes, handle bags, gift wraps—the possibilities are endless!
Come and experience the world of Japanese furoshiki as it literally unfolds before you.
During the event, we’ll be offering a gift-wrapping service using customer-bought furoshiki.
Purchase or bring in a gift you would like to be wrapped and leave the rest to us.

※In the event of extreme crowding, we may be unable to provide on-the-spot wrapping.
※Wrapping services may be unavailable for items of certain size or shape.
※For more details, please ask an attending staff member at the event.

■Duration: Mar 14 (Wed) – Mar 20 (Tue)
■7th floor, Japan Edition