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Diamond Jewelry

We use only the most carefully selected, high-grade diamonds.
We also offer custom-made cuts from bare stones,
including exceedingly rare colored diamonds.


High Jewelry

Starting with the world’s three rarest gemstones, we
offer a selection of elegant jewelry made with vibrant,
beautiful gemstones of unquestionable asset value.




Our new designs are scheduled to arrive in
September. For a limited time, we are offering
sable, mink, chinchilla, and other carefully
selected coats and jackets. We also carry
men’s as well as women’s furs.


Luxury Bag

We also offer tote bags and long wallets with a focus
on alluring crocodile handbags made of real crocodile
leather boasting a unique, overwhelming presence.

Ultimate physical assets of interest
Loose diamonds are attracting interest as physical assets.

Diamonds are easy to carry and store,
yet offer high value despite their small size and light weight.

In fact, many of the world’s wealthiest people possess them as risk-free assets
because they are less likely to lose their value than currency in an economic crisis.


A unique purchasing network built through our many years in business
We deliver the highest quality at wholesale prices from Ginza.

Founded in 1953, JOLIESSE has sought to provide the highest level of value and joy to all our customers,
offering a carefully selected lineup of exquisite gemstones,
including exceedingly rare, high-grade diamonds with superior asset value.

We also offer furs and luxury handbags. From here in Ginza,
we provide experience and capabilities nurtured on the wholesale market.
Be sure to check out our height of quality at our store.


JOLIESSE got its start as a blouse wholesaler in 1953.
As Japan was experiencing a period of rapid economic growth at the time,
women’s fashion started to become more western.

Against this backdrop, expensive furs became the most desirable of fashion items.
Under the philosophy of “fulfilling women’s dreams,”

JOLIESSE began offering furs from the same suppliers used by the world’s top brands.
Since this time, we have also focused on high-end jewelry made from the rarest of gemstones.

And we have carefully selected and offered jewelry that matches perfectly with the styling of fur.
With a history and track record that spans 70 years,
we leverage our unique purchasing network cultivatedon the wholesale market to provide our customers with the highest level of beauty and
value through uncompromising quality and at wholesale prices nearly rivaling those used for trading between vendors.



Kojun Bldg.3F, 6-8-7, Ginza, Chuo Ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan


We offer a free parking ticket to customers who purchase our products.
There is a vehicle size limit at the Kojun Building parking lot.
However, there are also affiliated parking lots that are available for large vehicles.
Please check the website for details.