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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Alexandrite ring 1.77 ct


It is told that discovering of alexandrite is associated with Imperial heir of Russia Alexander II who lived in that time. When presented to a person, anyone regardless gender or nationality finds the beauty of mysterious and unusual color changing very attractive.
This alexandrite is a highly transparent large 1.77 ct stone, a beautiful item with spectacular and preeminent tone changing.
There are not so many opportunities when such large gem stone is presented. This fascinating precious stone has 2 different looks at daytime and at night. You definitely should check the beauty of the original item.

アレキサンドライト 1.77ct リング アレキサンドライト 1.77ct リング アレキサンドライト 1.77ct リング アレキサンドライト 1.77ct リング アレキサンドライト 1.77ct リング

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