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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Loupe with diamonds K18 necklace


Have you ever faced the situation when you can not see text on a price tag or in the small manual paper for the product? In cases like these you barely could find a person that take out reading glasses from the bag. Because it is bothersome, isn’t?
This time we would like to introduce the item that being a stylish accessory is also a handy tool on occasional cases. The shining diamond drop placed into exquisite golden work. If you slide the side lever, beautifully polished lens comes out.
This is a rare item that will elegantly and quickly helps you in trouble ☆

ダイヤ付きルーペ K18 ネックレス ダイヤ付きルーペ K18 ネックレス ダイヤ付きルーペ K18 ネックレス ダイヤ付きルーペ K18 ネックレス

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