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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Black opal ring 4.58 ct


“Without a doubt, it is the wonderful planet visible beyond”. Beautiful blue and green iridescent colors of opal make this stone to be compared with the planet 【Earth】 we are living on.
Black opal we introduce this time is an unusual item that looks like this beautiful planet is going to change.
Please take a look at the picture taken from the front. Shades of ground color are being produced due to the differences of transparency level and it really looks like the Earth is waxing and waning like the Moon so it makes the appearance to become more unusual. This beauty alone is must see with squinched eyes ☆

ブラックオパール 4.58ct リング ブラックオパール 4.58ct リング ブラックオパール 4.58ct リング ブラックオパール 4.58ct リング

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