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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Aquamarine 3.42ct Ring


Aquamarine synonyms for “protector of the trip” which was subjected to a cushion cut similar to a square shape. Being the birthstone of March, it is perfect to bring a fresh wind at the start of the season! Though it is named “marine (the sea)”, its cool shade and glow reminds one of the babbling stream in the spring. Among the Aquamarine we introduce this time, it is a high-grade outstanding light blue color. With high transparency, it does not lose its beauty to the melee diamonds around it. Life is a long journey. Why not let it accompany you …?

アクアマリン 3.42ct リング アクアマリン 3.42ct リング アクアマリン 3.42ct リング アクアマリン 3.42ct リング

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