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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Morganite 1.97ct Ring


Looking at the shining light pink gem is like enjoying the pleasure of Sakura in spring. Morganite, same as light blue aquamarine and green emerald, is a kind of mineral material called “Beryl”. In contrast to its slightly vigorous name, its fair delicate light crimson color that glows in high touch of transparency is most inviting. Introducing the elegant ring with melee diamonds decorating the curve of the surrounding exquisite pink gold pattern. However do not worry! The hardness is around 8, and in fact it is a sturdy gemstone harder than crystal♪

モルガナイト 1.97ct リング モルガナイト 1.97ct リング モルガナイト 1.97ct リング モルガナイト 1.97ct リング

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