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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Spessartine Garnet 1.02ct Necklace


The radiance of juicy fruits that sways elegantly in front of the chest. We’d like to introduce the orange variation of the Garnet stone that is most common in red. It is a gem with an appealing vibrant shade as if the juice was crystallized without changing itself. With a new design of which the pendant looks like a dewdrop, swaying back and forth. Although they are small and hard to detect in the photos, but there is a total of 4 diamonds inserted above and below that are put in between the Spessartines. Twinkle twinkle☆It is a gem with such vigorous color and radiance full of spirit that can be expressed as “A gem adored by the sun♪

スペサルティンガーネット 1.02ct ネックレス スペサルティンガーネット 1.02ct ネックレス スペサルティンガーネット 1.02ct ネックレス スペサルティンガーネット 1.02ct ネックレス

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