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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Kunzite 10.89ct Ring


A unique ring that you will never forget once you see it. The design has been devised so that even large stones do not rise in height. The main stone is 15.5ct kunzite, which shows the finest lavender color. When viewed from the side, the pointed part of the stone called the curette is designed to fit comfortably between the fingers, and the part that hits the finger is recessed so that the next finger does not feel uncomfortable. A splendid work that protects the delicate jewel as much as possible and is designed to be enjoyed as a ring even though it is large. It looks and feels is great☆

クンツァイト 10.89ct リング クンツァイト 10.89ct リング クンツァイト 10.89ct リング クンツァイト 10.89ct リング

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