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Favorite Stone Jewelry Ginza 188

【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Demantoid


Demantoid Demantoid Demantoid Demantoid

The finest Demantoid Garnet has been said to be product of “Russia”. The one feature that determine the true demantoid from Russia is the beautiful “horsetail inclusions”.
Demantoid garnet is a strong jewelry which has a higher “degree of dispersion” with “iridescent glow” compare to diamond. The degree of dispersion of diamond is 0.044, while for demantoid garnet is 0.057!
You might think, “it is just a little bit of difference”, but this is very high when coming to degree of dispersion.
Comparing to other garnets, it’s shine brightly.
With the unique, horsetail inclusion.
It is a high durability garnet.
If diamond is the jewelry king, demantoid garnet might be the champion of green gemstones.

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