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【Favorite Stone】New arrival:Diamond (a loose jewel) 2.229ct G VVS2 emerald cut


This is a big diamond (2.229ct). It has a high degree of transparency. Even an expert can not find any inclusion with a ten-power loupe. (VVS-2) This is an emerald cut. So if there is any thing inclusion in it , you can find it even by eyes. It is same about the color. To emphasis the deep green color of emerald, the emerald cut is introduced. And if you make it to a diamond, especially yellowish diamond, it is easily to notice its color. About this , our diamond’s “G color” has no concern. Please see its brightness directly in our shop.

Fancy-cut Diamond 「Emerald Cut」 Fancy-cut Diamond 「Emerald Cut」 Fancy-cut Diamond 「Emerald Cut」 Fancy-cut Diamond 「Emerald Cut」

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