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GINZA OFFICIAL considers the protection of all our users’ personal information very important. When asking you to fill out a questionnaire, send us comments or make an entry for a present, we request disclosure of only the minimum amount of information. Information thus collected will not be disclosed to a third party without your prior consent and under normal circumstances.


We will only use the personal information you have provided for the enhancement of services and contents for our readers and other legitimate purposes.


GINZA OFFICIAL has a chief administrator who is in charge of handling personal information from our readers, and strives to properly manage the information and prevent it from leaking to outside sources. When entering into a business contract, we conduct a full screening of the contractor’s eligibility, and ensure that protection of personal information is taken into consideration in the details of the contract. We are committed to protecting your personal information and take all appropriate and reasonable safety precautions against unauthorized access to the website, loss, destruction, falsification and other risks.


If part of your personal information changes (e.g. change of address, etc.), or you wish to have your personal information deleted, GINZA OFFICIAL will amend, update, or delete the information that was provided.


GINZA OFFICIAL tracks who has accessed the website in the form of access logs. Access logs include the domain name, IP address, type of browser, and date/time of access, but no personal identifiers. Logs are not used for any purpose other than maintenance and statistical analysis of website usage conditions.


Ginza OFFICIAL includes links to external websites, but does not share personal information. This Privacy Policy is only applicable to this website.


We may revise the content of this Privacy Policy in accordance with changes in laws or norms. We therefore advise you to check this page periodically.


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