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Azuma Odori 2023

Azuma Odori 2023

The gates to the world of Geisha, typically closed to outsiders, & nbsp; open once a year for Azuma Odori

Enjoy the finest in Japanese leisure –  the beauty of the performance, the dancing of the Geisha, and exquisite food and drinks prepared by top-quality restaurants during the intermissions – at Azuma Odori

An event that began in 1925  being held for the 98th time
A total of eight performances & nbsp; held from May 21 to May 23, 2023

The Joys of Japan Found in Azuma Odori

Do you know about Shinbashi, one of Japan’s few remaining Geisha districts, located in Ginza? This Geisha district is composed of traditional Japanese restaurants known as “Ryotei” and Geisha, and is one of Japan’s premier leisure spots. Once a year, the Shinbashi Geisha district opens its doors to the Azuma Odori performance hall, a closed world usually reserved only for those in the know. When leisure becomes refined and orderly, it is called “culture”. So they use words to give architecture and interior design an air of sophistication by praising them as “Zosaku (one-of-a-kind building)” and “Shitsurai (tasteful room decorations)”. The Geisha district was created by augmenting a space where people enjoy their food and drink to the fullest with singing, dancing, and the beauty of Geisha.

During the three days of Azuma Odori, Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre is transformed into a Japanese-style restaurant known as a “Ryotei”. Take in the beauty of Japan on the stage, enjoy delicious sake and gourmet food during the intermissions, and experience a wonderful festival of Japanese culture here in modern-day Ginza.

Event Overview

A total of eight performances from May 21 to May 23, 2023 (Sunday – Tuesday)
1st Performance: Start 11:00 – End 12:30 *Not held on May 22
2nd Performance: Start 13:40 – End 15:10
3rd Performance: Start 16:20 – End 17:50

Ticket Prices

Ticket Information
Advance ticket sales: Starting at 10:00 on Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Reservations by phone: Ticket Phone Shochiku
0570-000-489 / 03-6745-0888

Online reservations: Ticket Web Shochiku

Ticket window sales: Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre, Kabukiza Theatre, Minamiza Theatre, Osaka Shochikuza Theatre, Sunshine Theater

*For information on ticket window sales hours, please contact the venue directly.

Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre 6-18-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

This Year’s Highlights

1)1) Stage Performance: The Geisha of Shinbashi receive direct instruction and guidance as disciples of the Grand Masters of the three major schools of traditional Japanese dance. Each year, one of these Grand Masters is entrusted with the overall direction of Azuma Odori. Taking the reins this year is Jusuke Hanayagi, the young Grand Master of the Hanayagi School, who will be creating the Azuma Odori stage performance for the first time. This year’s performance is a two-part play on the theme of Shinbashi throughout the seasons. The opening act starts with a highly refined performance, with two dances that each create their own unique atmosphere, choreographed by Sakon Nishikawa and Kikunojo Onoe, Grand Masters of two schools of dance. After an intermission is the second act, choreographed by Jusuke Hanayagi. The audience is treated to the traditional dance stylings of the Hanayagi School as it briskly develops through the four seasons and into the new year. The stage then darkens, signaling the start of the performance’s grandiose finale that embodies the spirit of Azuma Odori.

2) Before & Between Performances: “Ryotei” restaurants in the Shinbashi area each offer their own takes on a menu proposed by Tokyo Kitcho, the restaurant whose founder devised the “Shokado Bento” box lunch, including meals served in square ceramic dishes and boxes of appetizers to accompany drinks.
You can also enjoy the finer points of Ryotei culture, such as exquisite Dom Pérignon Champagne and carefully selected Japanese sake, as well as souvenirs that can only be found at Azuma Odori.

Points of Note

*The content described here is subject to change. Your understanding is appreciated.
*All prices listed include consumption tax.
*As a general rule, refunds are not available for tickets and pre-ordered meal vouchers unless the performance is canceled.
*In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, these performances will be held in accordance with the event restrictions stipulated by the Government of Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, as well as the guidelines on infectious disease prevention established by the relevant organizations. For more information on specific disease prevention measures, available seating, and theater ticket window hours, please be sure to check the official Azuma Odori and Shochiku websites before purchasing tickets or visiting the theater. Those who are physically unwell or who do not cooperate with disease prevention measures may be denied admission.