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KOGEI Art Gallery – Kanazawa in Ginza

KOGEI Art Gallery – Kanazawa in Ginza

The “KOGEI Art Gallery - Kanazawa in Ginza” shows the NOW of Kanazawa’s craft scene.
The first-floor exhibition introduces works by Kanazawan craftspeople who have developed a solid craftsmanship, with a special focus on young artists.
The second-floor exhibition will feature local artists, as well as crafts rooted in daily life and traditional crafts unique to Kanazawa.

Address Ginza MS Building 1-2F, 5-1-8 Ginza Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
Hours 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Holiday End of year holidays(12/29-1/3)
Tel 03-6228-7733



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