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FUJIMAKI SELECT |Money-making fortune! How to Choose a Spring Wallet – 2024 Edition-

“Spring wallets bring good fortune!” is a phrase we often hear in Japan. However, many people may not be aware of the specific points to consider when choosing a spring wallet to enhance their financial luck, such as the color, material, and shape.

So, this time, we will introduce the basics of what a spring wallet is and specific points to consider when choosing one!

What is a “Spring Wallet”?

A spring wallet is, quite literally, a wallet that you start using in the “spring” season. As spring is a time when new buds sprout, and flower buds open, symbolizing various activities coming to life, it is believed that using a wallet during this season activates financial luck. Additionally, the word “spring” in the season is associated with the wallet “swelling,” suggesting that using a new wallet in spring brings abundance to your finances. Thus, spring is considered an auspicious time to renew your wallet for better financial luck. The recommended period for using a spring wallet is from the beginning of spring on January 1st until the end of April when cherry blossoms fall.

Choosing by “Material/Leather”:

The ideal material for enhancing good fortune is leather, with cowhide being a stable and reliable option. If you want to elevate your financial luck, consider premium materials like crocodile or ostrich. However, it’s essential to avoid purchasing an overly expensive wallet that strains your budget or choosing a wallet significantly below your lifestyle level, as it can disrupt your financial balance. Traditional techniques such as gold leaf stamping or inden (traditional Japanese leathercraft) are also excellent choices. Combining traditional methods with innovative designs is said to enhance financial luck.

You can feel the texture of the leather and make your selection in-store.


Choosing by “Shape”:

For boosting financial luck, a long wallet is recommended, especially the all-around or L-shaped zip types, which securely close to prevent financial energy from escaping. It’s important to avoid accumulating too many coins in your wallet, as it may turn your spring wallet into a “bulging with coins” wallet. Separating coins and bills or using a separate coin pouch is advised for effective financial energy management. Even with money clips or compact wallets, using a long wallet for home financial management contributes to enhancing financial luck.

Other than the wallets introduced here, our store offers a variety of long wallets! Please feel free to explore and find the wallet that suits your taste.


Choosing by “Color”:

Regardless of the year, the strongest colors for money luck are gold, yellow and brown. Gold has the same meaning as money, and it expands your financial fortune. On the other hand, yellow and brown represent earth in Feng Shui. Since gems such as gold and diamonds often come from the earth, colors related to earth are said to produce golden luck.
Therefore, these three colors are the three best spring wallet colors that bring money luck. If a gold or yellow wallet is too flashy for you, the inside of the wallet can be this color, or even a brand plate or charm in gold will bring you good luck in money.

Standard black is the color for maintaining the status quo. It is suitable if you want to keep the current situation first and then move on to the next.
Dark blue is the color of work luck, and an increase in work luck means an increase in income, which in turn has a positive effect on money luck.
Also, turquoise blue, like Fujimaki blue, is the color of communication. If you have a job that requires a lot of contact with people, owning a wallet in this color will increase your work luck, which in turn will lead to good luck in money.
If you choose a pink wallet, a light color, or if green, yellowish green, will also bring you good luck in money.
Although different from colors, round patterns such as polka dots, and auspicious patterns such as the dragonfly and cloisonne patterns of Inden also bring money luck.

Please feel free to stop by our store so that you can actually pick one up and take a look.


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