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【Yamatoya Ginza】Skinny coin purse made in Japan


■”A kettle has been considered an auspicious item since ancient times. With the belief that just as hot water boils in the kettle,

one’s fortune will also bubble up, miniature kettles have been attached to purses as a charm.” This kettle is also a bell made in

Japan, and when searching for a wallet inside a bag, its sound helps you identify it immediately. A coin purse crafted from cow leather

with an enamel coating. Both the clasp and the stitching are made in Japan.  6 colors       each cost is  4,400yen

■To cater to the geisha’s need for a little change during their work breaks, the width of the wallet’s gusset was narrowed to a size that

could be slipped between the obi of their kimono. Since the coins are lined up in a row, it is easy to see and has a good reputation.

■This coin purse has been featured in various magazines in Japan.

【銀座大和屋】Yamatoya GINZA
東京都中央区銀座8-7 銀座ナイン2号館 1F
営業時間 11:00 ~ 19:00