Ginza×CSR Vol.23

Ginza Sayegusa

The 23rd part in the GINZA×CSR series introduces the social contribution activities of Ginza Sayegusa, a long-established store with a 147-year history that opened in the Ginza district in 1869, the year after the Meiji Restoration. We interviewed Ryo Saegusa, the CEO of Ginza Sayegusa who actively ...

Ginza×CSR Vol.22

Ginza Tomato

The 22nd part in the GINZA×CSR series introduces the CSR activities of Ginza Tomato, a raw material manufacturer specializing in development, manufacturing, and sales of raw materials for health foods and cosmetics. We spoke with President and CEO Chieko Kondo, who is also active in hiring people wi...

Ginza×CSR Vol.21

Kuipo Co., Ltd.

The 21st part in the GINZA×CSR series introduces Genten, a lifestyle brand centered on leather handbags. We spoke with Ikumi Okada, General Manager of the MD General Headquarters, about the three basic principles of Genten: care for the environment, cherishing limited resources, and striving for cra...

Ginza×CSR Vol.20

Seiko Holdings

The Ginza×CSR series has reached its 20th segment. For this part, we spoke with Seiko Holdings No. 2 Branding Division Manager Koichi Yako and Wako PR Division Manager Akiko Seno whose group company has been holding concerts since the Great East Japan Earthquake. These concerts were based on the Sei...

Ginza×CSR Vol.19


The 19th part in the GINZA×CSR series introduces Sapporo Lion, the company that runs the Ginza Lion beer hall as one of its many establishments. Sapporo Lion built Japan’s beer hall culture and formed its cultural manifestation of “music beer halls.” It also provides a place for budding classical mu...

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