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Ginza×CSR・CSV Vol.36 LOFT Ginza

Vessel of the Times: proposing a rich next-generation lifestyle from Ginza to the world


”Ginza×CSR・CSV” Vol. 36 will introduce LOFT Ginza. The store was opened in June 2017 as a next-generation store and reopened in April 2019 as the new LOFT Ginza after an extensive renovation including expansion of floor area. How does the sustainably designed store capture the times? In this volume we interviewed Mr. Kenji Kakei, Execuive Officer and General Manager of LOFT Ginza, and Ms. Masako Ikeda from the Sales and Planning Department/Public Relations Department.

”Richness” changes with times

  • ─ LOFT Ginza opened in April 2019 as next-generation flagship store. Your Ginza-oriented concept has drawn wide attention.
  • Kakei:
    Since its establishment in 1987, LOFT has designed its business so that its stores would be a “vessel of the times” reflecting the feelings and needs of the times. LOFT Ginza carries items that can be promoted globally from the perspectives: “food,” “Japan,” “nature,” “beauty,” and “story.”

    LOFT Ginza is a model store for proposing new lifestyles that are truly “rich” with a view to the future of the global environment and life.

    On a “vessel” ever-changing with the times, we launch a new project once every two weeks; and therefore, we carry quite a number of different products, including not only popular items but also good and services unique to LOFT under the concept of offering “special things that you can only get or experience here.”
  • ─ Your “sustainability” corner is also well-planned.
  • Kakei:
    The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are the theme of the times. Ginza’s customers are very sensitive to trends, and we are aware that we are communicating to a highly conscious audience.

Sustainability Corner on the first floor

  • Ikeda:
    The Ginza Store has a larger collection of environment-conscious products than other stores, and has a 300 different types of eco-bags.

    When videos of sea turtles with plastic straws stuck in their nose were spotlighted, more people sought ways to avoid using plastic straws. Our collection of personal straws made of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and silicon are very popular. They can also be used as cocktail stirrers and make good gifits.

    From the Sustainability Corner, on permanent display on the first floor, straws are the most popular items. They are becoming more and more fashionable and functional. Some come with a portable bag.

    At LOFT, we are conscious not only of being sustainable but also of not forgetting to have fun. We have selected products from the viewpoint of cute and attractive packaging and health-consciousness. The SDGs are a theme across collection of different products, including stationery, sundries and healthcare items.

The fourth floor has a large collection of environment-friendly detergents.
There is a box for collecting used sponges and a refill station for soaps and detergent.

Spotlighted as a sustainability communication hub

  • ─ I have the impression that LOFT was the first to introduce organic cosmetics in Japan. Did you experience any difficulty in communicating such cutting-edge values?。
  • 掛井:
    I was involved in the renewal of the Shibuya Store and even back then we carefully selected items with the strong notion that “organic and natural would be the next trend.” Yet, there was little public awareness of such values so they took a while to take root.

    When I travel to Paris and other European and American cities on business I find that there are stores selling sustainable products everywhere. In New York last October, I noticed that all the popular stores carried sustainability or environment as their store concept. I could feel that the times were completely moving in this direction.

    On the other hand, I wondered why Japan was behind and I was told that it was an educational issue. In Europe, children are taught about sustainability from when they are very young, but this is lacking in Japan.
  • ─From that perspective as well, LOFT Ginza’s sustainable lineup must have a large impact.
  • Ikeda:
    Some of our customers actually do purchase environment-friendly product for educational purposes.

    At LOFT, we have replaced plastic shopping bags with paper bags, and we encourage our customers to bring their own bags.

    Forty percent of LOFT Ginza customers who present their LOFT apps on their smartphones at the cashier do not need a shopping bag and choose no wrapping. I can see that highly environment-conscious customers come to shop at the Ginza Store. I believe this is how carrying your own bag becomes a habit.

Creating new values for the coming era with Ginza

  • ─ LOFT stores have locally-oriented concepts. What are your ideas about Ginza?
  • The wonderful part about Ginza that it is a sophisticated town. Given the large number of environment-conscious and health-conscious people, customers are very responsive to good proposals. LOFT Ginza hopes to continue promoting good choices under the concept of “Japan,” “environment” and “food.”

    On the first floor, we have a café that serves vegan food and other dishes using natural ingredients. We hope to utilize this space to host workshops, live concerts, and various collaborative events. Ginza has attracted attention as a global hub for sundries and I hope that we can contribute to further activating Ginza.

Café on the first floor

Executive Officer and General Manager of LOFT Ginza

Kenji Kakei

Joined Seibu Department Store (currently, Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd.) Yurakucho Store. After assignments as buyer at the LOFT Hobby Items Division, Product Department and at the Product Department of The Loft Co., Ltd., Mr. Kakei became Section Chief of Procurement and Sales at LOFT Yokohama in 2003, General Manager of Lifestyle Products (Product Department) in 2011, General Manager of Shibuya Product Department (Shibuya Sales Department) in 2012, and General Manager of Product Development (Product Department) in 2014. Assumed current position in 2018.
Public Communications, Public Relations Department (Editor, LOFT Ginza Press)

Masako Ikeda

Joined Seibu Department Store (currently, Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd.) Public Relations Office. Following assignments including Secretary at The Loft Co., Ltd. (affiliated company), Section Chief of Store Management of LOFT Ikebukuro, etc., Section Chief for Store Development, General Affairs Department, Ms. Ikeda assumed her current position in 2017.


今井 麻希子

Makiko Imai

alterna http://www.alterna.co.jp Having worked for several foreign IT firms, Imai shifted the target of her work to environmental and social issues after participating in the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity as an NGO member. She currently conducts interviews, edits and writes articles, develops educational programs and offers interactive counselling sessions.

Written by: Makiko Imai/ Planned and edited by: alterna

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