Ginza×CSR Vol.26

Ginza Cave Fujiki

The 26th part in the GINZA×CSR series introduces Ginza Cave Fujiki, a specialty natural wine shop run by the Fujiki Liquor Store that opened in 1889. The company that stays ahead of the times, for example spreading foreign liquor culture in Japan after WWII and providing new value now sells mainly n...

Ginza×CSR Vol.25


The 25th part in the GINZA×CSR series introduces TBM, a startup company that was established in August 2011 and moved its offices to Ginza in November 2016. TMB develops, manufactures, and sells an innovative new material called Limex, which is primarily made from limestone and is meant to replace b...

Ginza×CSR Vol.24

Ginza West

The 24th part in the GINZA×CSR series introduces Ginza West, established in west Ginza in 1947. The elegant tasting confectionery made with quality ingredients and each carefully prepared by the artisan’s hands has fans throughout Japan and even from abroad. We spoke with Ryuichi Yoda, the president...

Ginza×CSR Vol.23

Ginza Sayegusa

The 23rd part in the GINZA×CSR series introduces the social contribution activities of Ginza Sayegusa, a long-established store with a 147-year history that opened in the Ginza district in 1869, the year after the Meiji Restoration. We interviewed Ryo Saegusa, the CEO of Ginza Sayegusa who actively ...

Ginza×CSR Vol.22

Ginza Tomato

The 22nd part in the GINZA×CSR series introduces the CSR activities of Ginza Tomato, a raw material manufacturer specializing in development, manufacturing, and sales of raw materials for health foods and cosmetics. We spoke with President and CEO Chieko Kondo, who is also active in hiring people wi...


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