Ginza×CSR・CSV Vol.39

Oris Japan

Ginza×CSR・CSV Vol. 39 will introduce Oris Japan. Oris has manufactured mechanical watches for more than 110 years since its establishment in 1904 in Holstein, Switzerland. In June 2019, Oris opened its first boutique in Japan in Ginza, with a focus on not only communicating the charm of mechanical w...

Ginza×CSR・CSV Vol.38


Ginza×CSR・CSV Vol. 38 will introduce MOTHERHOUSE. Since its establishment in 2006, it has communicated to the world the potential that a developing country has through the “creation” of leather and products in Bangladesh under the philosophy: “We spotlight the potential of developing countries throu...

Ginza×CSR・CSV Vol.37


“GINZA×CSR” Vol. 37 will introduce Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. Under the corporate philosophy of “loved by citizens, working for citizens,” Citizen released CITIZEN L, a line of watches with an ethical concept, in Japan in 2016, thus creating a new value as a sustainable brand. We interviewed Ms. Yuka S...

Ginza×CSR・CSV Vol.36

LOFT Ginza

”Ginza×CSR・CSV” Vol. 36 will introduce LOFT Ginza. The store was opened in June 2017 as a next-generation store and reopened in April 2019 as the new LOFT Ginza after an extensive renovation including expansion of floor area. How does the sustainably designed store capture the times? In this volume ...

Ginza×CSR・CSV Vol.35

Ginza Natsuno

Ginza×CSR・CSV Vol. 35 will introduce Ginza Natsuno, a chopsticks store selling over 2,500 different chopsticks and more than 1,000 different chopstick rests. Established in 1999, the company showcases the richness of the living culture associated with chopsticks and carries various lines of products...

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