Ginbura Hyakunen

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.18

Nishi Ginza, a new stylish way

There is a special place in my heart for “Nishiginza.” I should note that “Nishiginza” is not an address found on a map of the area (although there was formerly an area called Ginza-nishi). However, the name of the station on the Marunouchi Line was initially “Nishiginza.” As I mentioned in an e...

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.17

Ginza Toraya’s Panama Hat

Hat stores become Ginza. A while ago, you could walk down Ginza-dori and find long-established hat stores on both the southern edge and northern edge of the street - Daitoku in Ginza 8-chome and Toraya in Ginza 2-chome. Daitoku, which was located near Shimbashi closed almost thirty years ago, but ...

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.16

TEIMEN and the Ginza Ivy Era

 Two summers ago, I happened to walk into Teijin Men’s Shop and bought a shirt for the first time in many years. It was a white seersucker shirt with small yacht prints. It reminded me of old times when “sports shirts” were the fashion, and last year I bought a navy shirt exactly like it but with ...

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.15

Christmas with Peco-chan

When I look back on Ginza in my childhood, the first picture that comes to mind is the façade of Fujiya. The Ginza store was located in Ginza 6-chome (across the street from where GINZA SIX stands today), but my memories are with the Sukiyabashi store. I must have been in kindergarten whe...

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.14

It’s summer! Beer! The LION!

It’s summer! Beer! The LION! From the Ginza 4-chome intersection, let’s walk up Ginza Dori toward Shimbashi. Arriving in 6-chome, where the Matsuzakaya Department Store used to stand, we find the large GINZA SIX building which was recently completed, absorbing the adjacent building as w...

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