Ginbura Hyakunen

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.06

A History Lesson at SAEGUSA

 GINZA no SAEGUSA. specializing in children’s clothes, is one of Ginza (Chuo) Dori’s oldest of long-established stores. The current store is located in Ginza 7-chome, but it was originally on the west end of Ginza 3-chome where the Apple Store stands today. The building is still called Saegusa Bui...

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.05

The secrent behind the deep-fried chicken served at Mikasa Kaikan

 It is pleasant to stroll along the wide sidewalks of the main streets of Ginza, but slipping into some of the backstreets can also be somewhat relieving. Walking in the quieter streets of Nishi-Gobangai, Miyuki-dori, Kojunsha-dori running vertically and horizontally, you find yourself feeling at ...

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.04

Yamano Music in summer 1971

 Last month, when I covered the Okuno Building in Ginza 1-chome, I mentioned that in its early days when it was still used as the Ginza Apartments, Yaso Saijo and Chiyako Sato were residents. Since the anecdote is not introduced in Saijo Yaso (Kiyotada Tsutsui, Chuko Bunko), a well-written biograp...

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.03

The Ginza Apartments in Ginza 1-chome

 The last two volumes covered the northern side of Ginza - ITOYA and Olympic, a restaurant serving Western cuisine that used to stand next to ITOYA. When I was interviewing people in the area, I was impressed by the fact that quite a number of old buildings remained in the backstreets of Ginza 1-c...

Ginza×Ginbura Hyakunen Vol.02

Memories of Olympic

 Last time, indulging in an Eggs Benedict at the café on the twelfth floor of Ginza Itoya, my thoughts went to Olympic, the Western food restaurant that used to be next door. The building has been rebuilt and is now home to Tiffany’s, but Olympic is part of my earliest memories of Ginza. I remembe...

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